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Lilian Eva | Wollongong Lifestyle Newborn & Healing Hearts Photography

There are no earthly boundaries a parents love cannot conquer for the will and unconditional bond they have for their child. Be in heaven or earth side, these children bring with them a wise knowing, miracles and joy amongst all. With new beginnings and their unique stamp on the world, they move mountains. Two little girls I know have made these ripples in the lives of the people around them, me included.

Eva Joyce & Lilian Eva. 

Baby Eva…I met this beautiful little girl on her first and last day. Cradled in the safe and loving arms of her parents, Amanda & Jim, she came for just a short time, yet her presence so strong and loving. Through her legacy so much change of goodness has evolved. With the support of community, family and friends, Amanda and Jim have raised funds to donate a Cuddle Cot to a hospital to benefit others in this unimaginable circumstance. Eva is the kind of soul that is very very hard to forget. She makes your heart open like never before and has the ability to bring so much love to others, with a simple sign, a glimpse of her name in font or that rainbow that beams across the sky, telling her mum and dad she is near.

And a rainbow she helped choose to bring into reality.

Lilian Eva, named after her big sister, is the sunshine that lights a path through a storm. HOPE that while sadness will always be present, her gift of purity, unconditional love and hope for happiness that can melt into the core of sadness and bring love to broken longing hearts. Whilst the journey of a rainbow baby is a tough gig, her parents, Amanda and Jim, are without a doubt so eternally grateful and most in love with all that she is. A gift from heaven.

It was such a touching and humble experience to walk this journey with them and photograph this monumental family milestone.

Welcome to the World little Lilian Eva x


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