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“Just when you know love, something little comes along to remind you, just how big it really is”

It has been so beautiful to witness the togetherness and unity of this beautiful family grow. Meeting Everly today was such a highlight as we last met when she was a wee new little one. Meeting her felt like opening a gift. She smiled and explored and her personality made us all laugh and relax. I adore watching beautiful little people grow into themselves. She is going to make a wonderful big sister very soon. If you’d like to see Everly as a newborn, please head over to see her maternity and newborn images HERE for more scrumptious baby goodness.

Every baby, experience and pregnancy is so very different and being the journey Shari has endured this pregnancy it is only fitting that we created a different movement by adding in natures best, the beach. A place that has been familiar during the summer months of her pregnancy and reminds her of fond memories. It was such a stunning afternoon and I am just so honoured to have been able to capture the love this family so effortlessly shows one another. With Mother’s Day approaching, what better way to emerse in the celebration of what Motherhood brings.

Our maternity sessions are a wonderful add on to our newborn lifestyle sessions that allow you to truly bond with your baby and family in full spirit before the abundance a little one can bring. I cannot wait to share with you this new little life who will feature soon (I’m sure) in their very special introduction.

May you enjoy your last days Shari holding your baby as close to your heart as indeed possible. . x


I see you little Angel…. Samuel.
I see you little Rainbow……James.

Together you journey on, from here and afar entangled in the connection that will always be. Connected. Brothers. Forever Family.

There are very few words my heart can find to honour a session such as these. When two stories are both as important as each other’s, yet they stand alone in their sweet glory. Each individual with their own light.

Glorious, healing, unconditional light.

It is a bittersweet blessing to witness and feel with overwhelming emotions the beauty of this family of FOUR and to see a sweet smile grow on that little face when side by side with his big brother.

Welcome to the World Baby James xxx

Heartfelt is our chosen charity for donation for one other family to receive photographic memories of their child gone too soon. On behalf of Baby Samuel we honour and pay it forward x

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Through my indescribable heartbreak of loss, trauma and deep deep grief, I found a light I wasn’t expecting. A tiny little spark lit within the darkness. It was calling me, from the depths of me, a pathway almost. “Shine this light for others” it said, even if just through the simple act of reaching out. Provide a sacred space for healing, listening, acknowledging and honouring all the little hearts that have stopped beating.

I know this pain well, its in my veins. It is a part of me, but it does not define who I am. Grief is complicated and sporadical and impulsive and its become a friend to me. It has also opened up many doors to friendships and bereaved parents and families whom walk the same path as me and for their presence I am grateful. Their open their arms thrown far and wide, they draw me in with a kindness I have never known in this darkness. This makes me feel a lightness that I have a passion to offer and extend to others, in the expression of a community who need this like I have.

It has been 2.5yrs since I held my baby girl Ava, and I miss her every moment of every day. Id like to welcome any who know of this heartbreak to join me over at my Facebook page Healing Heart by Hush Photography or on Instagram @healing_hearts__for support and comfort so you don’t have to walk this journey alone.

With trust and amazing talent Netra from Netra Chetty, it was an honour to bring this vision to life. Netra has delicately hand drawn the profile of my little Ava, wrapped us together in this broken-open heart. A tribute and symbol to all the mothers and fathers who have known the heartbreak of loss. It is such an honour to share with you her artwork creation and a sentimental part of Hush Photography, our new logo for our Healing Heart Sessions.


“Whilst we hold our children in our broken hearts, may they always feel the love we send to them through our words, our actions and within our soul. We are still connected, no matter the time nor space that divides us for love always conquers all.” – Nicole x




Celebration was certainly in the air. Adorning faces and open arms. Unicorns and cupcakes and balloons a plenty. Facepainting, birthday songs and speeches touched the heart. Milestone records to celebrate all the big things achieved all within that first year, and a reminder for her years to follow. There is nothing quite like the feeling of reaching that first year milestone and I have had the pleasure of capturing 3 first birthdays this month alone!

With that approaching date, reflection of how precious the time is, how much was achieved and the pure miracle of a child born, Elle’s first year was a warm and loving feeling. Elle, divinely guided to become a part of this beautiful family who’s arms were longing to hold their child. Not always is the road so smooth but the joy and appreciation in the bundle that she is, is overflowing.

Walking into the amazing set up for Elle’s First Birthday was most breathtaking and Im struggling to find the words to truly do this justice so I will let these images speak for themselves. You will find all these talented businesses on Instagram and online at your fingertips to add that touch of magic to your special occasion and you can find the links below!

Oh Elle, it was a pleasure to photograph your memorable day! You are such a darling! Happy Birthday!


It’s Homebaked – Cupcakes, Deserts

Duck Duck Goose – Food/Antipasto bar

 Owl & Pussycat Event Designs – Stylist/Florist

Fairy Fantasty Parties – Fairy, Balloon & Facepainting Artist

Go Hire Wollongong – Marquee, tables, chairs

ElsyaandGrace – Framed Personalised Board

Cakeatelier – Unicorn Cake Creator


Meet today’s Birthday Boy! Zhivan

How quickly the weeks fall together as that first year comes to a close. Reflection on the beauty of what has filled that year and yet also a bit of nostalgia on how far your little one has changed since those sleepy all day cuddle days. The most beautiful transition into family that you can imagine yet you really can’t prepare yourself fully. Falling in love with your little person who captivates your very soul when seeing them for the first time, nothing quite comes close.

Then the days start going a little faster. You find yourself mostly stumbling along through sleepless nights, questioning yourself how you made it through that day or celebrating the victory of the ease when it happens (if it finds lucky you). Its that magic recipe of  big heartfelt smiles and joyful laughter that erases all days that may have found to be a little challenging. After all, aren’t we all just learning?

No matter the chaos, there is always time for stillness. Just a breath, a moment to pause. Breath them in. Snuggle a little closer and be present. I love that the experience of a session also provides this magical connection together, creating of memories that are forever captured for you to relive. Such a precious gift for Zhivan today.

This little handsome man, the one who stole the hearts of his mum and dad was such a delight to photograph today. What a beautiful day to celebrate and capture this beautiful morning.

I was so excited to meet this kind, friendly and warm family, the owners of Ariel’s Coffee in Warrawong…Check out their Facebook here and be sure to grab a lovely treat while your in the area. Tell Daniel I sent you! You may even get a little glimpse of this little star helping daddy in the cafe, his smile will no doubt add a little sunshine to your day as it has mine today.

Happiest Birthday Zhivan, I hope that these images of our time together will allow you to share these with family and friends near and far to celebrate this day with you.



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  • Erfaneh

    Oh my god Zhivan you are the loveliest nephew ever! Happy birthday to you and to your lovely parents. Being your aunt feels magical. These pictures are just awesome! By the way, that beautiful mom is my sister:****