The Experience


Our Style & Approach

My style has been best described as simple, honest, fresh and authentic.

I approach all my sessions with passion and an open heart, embracing the vulnerability to look and feel the emotion of what I am seeing. I am passionate about documenting and capturing honest and real family love stories through my lens in a natural candid way through lifestyle and portrait photography.

It is an absolute honour to capture your story.



Lifestyle Newborn

Our newborn lifestyle sessions portray your love-filled story in the comfort of your own home, a place of nurturing and familiarity where you can feel most relaxed and at ease. Your new little one will be my guide on the day and we will capture beautiful moments of honesty, connection and the unconditional love you feel for your baby. Capturing tender moments of holding your baby close to heart, soothing your little one with song and movement, breathing in the tiny details of little toes and kissable lips and the unique little stretches they call their own. Everything that makes your baby special and unique to whom they are and what those first few weeks with your new baby was like. There will also be plenty of time for feeding, settling and comforting for your little one during the 1-2 hours of our session.

Our sessions include documentary photography where I capture the moment as it unfolds as well as gentle guidance on posing to enhance the connection of your family that is already present.

Newborn sessions are limited per month so its best to contact me while you are still pregnant to avoid disappointment in getting a session. We recommend having your session within the first few weeks after your baby’s birth as those first few weeks go by so quickly and the smallest of details change.


Your journey as a mother begins the moment life begins. From that first knowing, a little soul has made its way to you, your life as you know it has changed forever. Your heart does not just beat for you and your love, but for that of your child. Our maternity sessions are about capturing the journey however that is for you! We provide maternity sessions to document your whole pregnancy journey from just finding out in first trimester, halfway and gender reveal 18-22 weeks and the most popular third trimester 32-36 weeks. We offer stand alone sessions or a beautiful add on of the third trimester session (32-36 weeks) to your newborn session. Taken in the comfort of your own home or on-location, our maternity sessions are a wonderful opportunity to embrace and celebrate in the joy of this most life changing transformation before your baby arrives and capture the bond and connection of love between you.

Lifestyle Family

Our family sessions are a fun filled adventure taken at a place where you all feel most comfortable. This could be your favourite beach or park, your love filled home or a location that is sentimental to your family. Our sessions are a great way to take time out to play and be in the moment, laugh and explore to allow authentic, real emotions flow and connections to bound you. I will capture it all from the smallest details of the in-between moments to the special things that are a quirky part of your family that makes you YOU. Our family sessions are taken in the last 2hrs before sunset and are a great escape from the to-do lists, chores and responsibilities of everyday life to experience real quality time in your togetherness.






– Robert Brault