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Everly | Wollongong Maternity & Newborn Lifestyle Photography

” I know what love is, it is because of you – Hermann Hesse”

There is an inner warrior strength that comes from preparing, anticipating and enduring birth. A learning about your own ability to breathe through what life gives you, whether it was what you expected or quite the opposite, it all shapes who you are, the scars that become your own which you wear with your own unique stamp. Something to be proud of, to stand tall and own every bit of your story.

Shari & Cory, from the moment I met them with their calm and connected nature, there was that inner buzz of anticipation swirling around them. Like a butterfly about to transform, they choose to huddle together and weather the gift that awaits with open hearts and open arms.

Every detail planned was thought out with sentimental value that they hold dear. Its ritual of welcoming in that little one, pouring in the love and attention with style and taste. Shari, a beautiful and amazing woman in her own right, owner of Belle Demeuere Interiors selling all things unique, luxurious and elegant, has decorated her nursery and home with an abundance of heart for their little one. Please feel free to click on her link to view her collection which includes her elegant headboard and gorgeous white cane chair duo.

Lifestyle Photography has easily become my connection to where my inspiration and love for photography is growing and it was a pleasure to be able to express the emotions of this beautiful family before life as they knew it changed, forever through my lens.

And then there was….. Everly.

She swiftly entered the world, joining this beautiful couple as if she had always been there. Three hearts beating as one and a thread of unconditional love joining them in one full swoop. Her beauty captivating, her soulful eyes and assurance that “she’s got this” was all part of her grand entrance. And into full open arms she was welcomed, adored, treasured and loved on. Over and over and over. All captured for her to know, in the deepest part of her heart, that it was real, present and surrounding her from her very first day.

Welcome to the world Everly. May your grand entrance be the start of many new beginnings, adventures of following your own heart for the direction in your life you need. You are such a blessing and it was so incredibly wonderful to meet you!

x Nicole.







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